Using the Holidays to Boost Office Morale

No, it’s not quite Christmastime yet – but, it’s on the horizon. With the start of Halloween comes two months of holiday onslaught, which can be exciting, distracting, overwhelming, and rewarding all at the same time. If you’re in charge of monitoring workflow in your agency, and you feel a holiday slump is on the horizon, we’re here to show you it’s possible to use anticipation and excitement to get people happy about your business.

Here are five ways Traffic Managers can use the holidays to boost office morale:

  1. Make a Competition: Everyone loves prizes – yes, even adults. You can use the holidays as a perfect time to foster competition. Reward with candy canes, hang a tree, or do some kind of advent calendar that marks how many deals, closings, projects, etc. have been completed by your team. Offer an awesome reward – maybe one more day added to the Christmas holiday. Get creative!
  2. Winner’s Pride: Going off of the competition, challenge everyone to come up with a new product or theme that’s going to be the pinnacle of your 2019 marketing. That kind of pride and acknowledgement will help the winner curate a seriously impressive portfolio. By doing this, you’ll encourage collaboration and innovation within your agency while it’s happening.
  3. Show Them You Care: Life can be tough as a Traffic Manager. You aren’t always everyone’s friend. It’s up to you to ensure communication is consistent, projects are being completed on time, and information is being properly relayed to the client. Use the holidays as a time to tell everyone how much you appreciate them. Maybe make some kind of holiday card with a little chocolate treat and drop it off at everyone’s desk. A little compassion can go a long way.
  4. Create Team-Building Exercises: The holidays present a variety of ways to encourage fun team building. Maybe you can host a Christmas tree decorating contest; or maybe some kind of gingerbread activity during lunchtime. We don’t always need to force employees to bond over boring business stuff; let everyone work together on something laid back and relaxed. They’ll still be developing critical communication skills along the way.
  5. Introduce a Software Present: Not everyone might consider software a present, but if you’re working with a bunch of overlapping systems, introducing a comprehensive solution to your employees will certainly raise their holiday cheer. That’s where CurrentTrack comes into the picture.

Give Your Employees the Gift of CurrentTrack This Year.

With centralized communication, analytics and more, CurrentTrack® will remove wasted time and effort that was previously part of your employees’ daily schedules. Learning that some of the burden has been lifted will be the best holiday present of all. What are you waiting for?