What makes the world go ‘round?


Yep, cake.

Let’s think about this for a minute. Before you were even born, chances are someone organized a baby shower and served cake. On your first birthday, and nearly every birthday thereafter, you probably blew out a candle (or several) atop a cake. When you graduated from college, cake. When you got married, cake. Need I go on?

My biggest weakness, a huge slice of cake – preferably white with extra (and I mean extra) icing – is a great way to lift someone’s spirits.

Just yesterday, my co-worker was feeling a bit blue. It was her birthday and she’d been given an assortment of sweet treats. While she was certainly thankful, she was really craving a cupcake. I bought her one at a specialty shop nearby. She immediately had a smile on her face and a fork in her hand.

In an agency environment, there’s nearly always something to celebrate – someone turning “the big 4-0,” an engagement, the announcement of a baby-to-be, having landed a new Client, an exceedingly profitable month, the agency’s founding 25 years ago.

I recommend taking every opportunity to celebrate the things that bring you together as a team. Not only will it built a sense of “family” within your group, but it’ll foster a more light-hearted and, ultimately, more productive atmosphere.

Besides, who doesn’t work faster with a sugar rush?

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