Traffic, “shmaffic”… who needs it anyway?

The goal of any Traffic Department, whether in an ad agency, design or PR firm, is to increase efficiency and, ultimately, profitability. The core competency of creative outlets is not simply the production of creative work. It’s the efficient management of that production. We’ve all heard it before, “Time is money.”

Without the ability to carefully control workflow, even the most creative agency of all may find itself in a state of chaos.

You have to meet deadlines. Period.
You have to stay within budget. Period.
You have to know who’s doing what (or nothing at all) and when.
And, most importantly, you have to have the right tools.

A central workflow system, overseen by someone whose sole responsibility is its ongoing maintenance (i.e. a Traffic Manager) can save your agency valuable time. By making client information available to everyone, from the convenience of their desktops, you make possible increased billable time.

Task, time and expense management, client access to materials posted via the Net, and instant retrieval of job information, are among the many indispensable features of a good traffic system.

Every employee on the agency team plays an integral role in its workflow success. Through the combination of an efficient traffic system, managerial commitment and team member dedication, your organization can experience unparalleled efficiency and profitability.


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