Job Description 3: Traffic Manager

The Traffic Manager improves agency communication and ensures job consistency by carefully monitoring workflow.

In addition, s/he is responsible for evolving the traffic system to meet agency needs and for aiding management in evaluating its ability to absorb business from creative, production and account service standpoints. The Traffic Manager is an empowered facilitator.


• Opens Job Numbers upon Account Executive (AE)(or Account Coordinator) request

• Opens and distributes (paper) job jackets

• Checks initial input for accuracy and requests additional information (if needed)

• Counsels the Creative Director (CD) in job assignment

• Establishes (and revises) Workback Schedules (i.e. project timelines)

• Expedites the inevitable “crisis jobs

• Monitors stalled jobs and moves them forward

• Monitors information flow through all departments

• Provides continuity in times of Employee vacation, termination, etc.

• Obtains spec, closing and delivery details when not otherwise provided

• Obtains sequential sign-offs on all work moving in and out of the agency

• Routes materials to the appropriate person for shipment to Vendor(s)

• Maintains an electronic archive of all jobs

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