“I can’t 'make' them use the system.”

If you’re the Traffic Manager, you’re in an empowered position. IF, that is, the Principal(s) within your agency fully support you in your role. Yes, you can. Throughout the years,…

Workflow and the Creative Department

In addition to relying on the agency's web-based project management system for a real-time to do list, there are several things creatives can do to help ensure work doesn't fall through the cracks.

Traffic, “shmaffic”… who needs it anyway?

The goal of any Traffic Department, whether in an ad agency, design or PR firm, is to increase efficiency and, ultimately, profitability. The core competency of creative outlets is not…

Please raise your right hand…

… and repeat after me. “I pledge allegiance to my time sheet, and to the satisfied Traffic Manager in which it stands, one web-based agency system, under deadline, with workflow management and…

You’d make a great Traffic Manager!

Because you’re so... … in tune with what this agency needs.… knowledgeable of agency processes.… attentive to detail.… good at prioritizing things.… personable.… persistent (in a good way).… willing to…

Introducing New Hires to Your Workflow Software

On-boarding new employees is a natural part of running any business, especially given the increasing rate of turnover in this day and age. Introducing them to the very workflow software they're going to use for just about everything is extremely important.

The Importance of Proofreading

In a digital world in which the majority of communication occurs over the Internet, via emails, websites, instant messengers, articles, and more, perfectly edited and succinct text is the only acceptable option.

Is it Time for Workflow Software?

At some point in the trajectory of an agency, there comes a time when you ask yourself, “do we need a system?” Given the rapid expansion of technology at our fingertips today, it’s simply unnecessary to shoulder the burdens of manual workflow management, printing everything out and communicating every direction via word-of-mouth.
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