Four Ways to Improve as a Traffic Manager

If you’re a Traffic Manager, or someone involved with the dispersion and management of tasks, you know how complicated and stressful the job can be from time to time. Between managing people, groups, and clients simultaneously, there aren’t enough hours in the day. However, if you’re determined to continually grow as a Traffic Manager, there are always new practices and workplace organization tools that can make your job better.

Here are four ways to improve your performance as a Traffic Manager:

  1. Communicate Expectations More Clearly: If you have preconceived expectations in your head, how do you go about communicating them to your team? Do you tell some in person, e-mail others, or text others still? This is where miscommunication can occur which, as a result, breaks down productivity and project quality. Use a singular communication channel to convey expectations so everyone is on the same page. Now they’ll be held accountable.
  2. Distribute Work More Evenly: You probably have a few “favorites” that you manage at work. As humans, we can’t help it. However, for the sake of team morale, it’s important to act impartial as much as possible, which means you need to distribute work evenly every time you can. It’s unfair to stick certain people with more work than others – it’ll actually discourage your workforce by the time all is said and done.
  3. Take Feedback Into Consideration: As a manager, it’s important to occasionally step back and listen to what your workforce is trying to tell you. Quarterly, it’s worth slowing down and conducting personal meetings with employees to hear about what they like… and don’t like. Many times, this feedback will provide you with ideas to fix current problems or solve future ones before they surface.
  4. Learn How to Listen: More than just feedback, learning how to listen is the most valuable asset you could possess as a Manager. That means listening to clients, listening to teams, and listening to executives above you as everyone interacts. As a Traffic Manager, you sit pivotally among everyone, which means the more you listen, the better you’ll be at your job. Everyone has valuable input that at least deserves consideration.

Adopt CurrentTrack®

Although the above items are all personal changes that’ll improve your managerial position tremendously, there are some technological tools that can support you along the way. With CurrentTrack, which centralizes everything from job initiation to gross income reporting, you can easily set workflow standards and organize communication. It’ll make your job that much easier, while creating a more enjoyable workplace for everyone!