Organizational Tricks You’re Probably Missing

As a Traffic Manager, it can be hard to ensure you’re satisfying every single facet of the position that’s required to keep employees happy, energetic and productive. Between tracking jobs, prioritizing time-demanding tasks that come through the pipeline, and scheduling workloads fairly based on each individual employee’s capabilities, as well as focusing on organizational tricks, being supportive of everyone can seem impossible.

What to do?

Here are three organizational tricks you’re probably missing as a Traffic Manager:

  1. Time Respect: If an employee feels like their time isn’t being respected, that’s a pretty quick way to send them packing to another organization. This can be achieved by overloading them with work while the employees sitting next to them have nothing to do, or ignoring their specific talents and requests as you churn work their way whenever it’s convenient. Employees look around, and if they see they’re being treated differently than someone at their same level, they’re going to be pretty upset. Additionally, if you rely on younger employees without families to pick up nighttime and weekend hours, placing the pressure on them to step up, it’s also going to diminish their satisfaction at your workplace.
  2. Transparency: As a Traffic Manager, you definitely set out with good intentions of keeping all communication open and transparent, but what does that actually look like in practice? If critical information is leaving the company communication platform and occurring between you and individuals over text or private email, other employees are going to start to notice. When communication isn’t transparent or fairly accessible, employees feel like they’re being cut out of the process, and missing out on opportunities that weren’t even available to them. If you fall back on communicating through a phone when it’s most convenient, other employees will notice.
  3. Advanced Warning: When critical projects come through the workflow system and have to be done quickly and efficiently, it can be hard to provide advanced warning to your employees. However, there’s nothing an employee hates more than being surprised by a massive project at 4PM on a Friday when they’ve already made dinner reservations for that evening. If you find yourself haphazardly dishing out assignments as they come through, you’re missing out on a critical organizational skill that’s required to keep employees happy. Plus, if you continue to rely on the same people to be your last-minute go-to employees, other employees are going to feel left out and inferior in their performance.


With our CurrentTrack traffic management software, all of these organizational shortcomings are mitigated. Using automated software that was built with organization in mind, all messaging is centralized and accessible by everyone, keeping all employees in the loop. Plus, project and task management is monitored, so employees know when projects are coming, who has what projects, and other important elements that go into workflow management.

Keep your employees happy with a workflow system that’s technologically universal and accessible.


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