Introducing New Hires to Your Workflow Software

On-boarding new employees is a natural part of running any business, especially given the increasing rate of turnover in this day and age. Introducing them to the very workflow software they’re going to use for just about everything is extremely important.

So, where do you begin?

Consider our top four tips for introducing new hires to your workflow software, without overwhelming them and stifling their ability to absorb the information over a short period of time.

  1. Consider Groups: Sometimes, trying to figure something out alone can be frustrating and make us feel embarrassed when we need help. If you have two or three people starting at the same time, consider placing them together at a desk or in a meeting room with the software. After you provide a tutorial, they’ll be able to work together and explore what they’ve just learned. Some of them will remember certain things, while others will remember different points. Together, they can bounce ideas off one another and answer each other’s questions.
  2. Showcase the Shortcuts: If you want employees to use the software, you need to make it clear how important and valuable it is to them. Therefore, really emphasize how much time is saved if certain features are used, showing them what they can personally tap into for their specific role(s). If you can frame it in this light, they’ll be less likely to go around the software in the future.
  3. Make Yourself Available: No one likes to start a new job, with people they don’t know, in an office that’s brand new to them, and be forced to sit alone and figure things out on their own. Make yourself available to new hires, and tell them it’s completely normal to have questions. Not everyone is technologically inclined, which is why you want to refrain from placing pressure on them. Have a point of contact that’s able to answer all of their questions while they figure out the nuts and bolts. The sooner they’re comfortable with your workflow management software, the sooner they can start contributing to in-office projects.
  4. Include Demos or References: Different people have different methods of learning, which is why you want to possibly make a booklet that shows where buttons are within the software. You can also create a master e-mail with pictures and arrows that help individuals easily maneuver their way around the software, without having to necessarily ask you for help every single time. Consider adding textual instructions with the images, so you can accommodate every kind of learner.


Considering moving to an easy-to-use workflow management solution — if your existing system is cumbersome — is the best thing you could do for new employees. That’s why we designed CurrentTrack to be as user-friendly as possible! Try it FREE for 30 days.