Workflow and the Creative Department

The creative department is arguably one of the busiest departments in an advertising agency. Projects that were “due yesterday,” kickoff meetings, photo and video shoots to be scheduled, outputs to be routed — work moving in and around at the speed of light.

In addition to relying on the agency’s web-based project management system for a real-time to do list, there are several things creatives — from production artists and art directors to copywriters and the creative director — can do to help ensure work doesn’t fall through the cracks.

  1. Always route copy and artwork through the creative director before handing it off to account service. S(he) should have a general understanding of all creative moving within the agency.
  2. File a Purchase Order as soon as possible for any production-related expenses. This helps ensure the job’s Financial Report is in real-time and the account executive is better able to keep it within budget.
  3. Proofread, proofread, proofread. This applies to everything from web work (proof on screen, check links, etc.) and e-blasts to brochures and business cards.
  4. Read your messages, both within your project management system and within your e-mail. If you’ve received a message, its sender obviously thinks you need to be in the know. Delete messages, once read, to keep your in box up-to-date.

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