Workflow Woes: Five Ways to Get It Flowing Better

Workflow automation is the key to a successful, productive and connected workplace today. Automation could impact the entire world of business, helping organizations to totally revolutionize and expedite their workflow processes, improving upon every business facet and connection along the way.

However, beyond automation, many workplaces stand to change and fortify their current processes, which, through fractured communication, tools and collaboration, can fail substantially over time.

Here are five ways to get your workflow flowing better this year:

  1. Feedback: Sure, you might think your workflow system is top-grade, but have you ever asked your employees how they feel about it? As the people who have to work within the system, ask them about their opinions and where they feel it fails and succeeds. You may start to notice a pattern with their answers, providing you with critical insight as to how you can make it even better.
  2. Communication: If communication is being lost at any level in your current system, something needs to change. It’s critical that everyone in the office understands the rules and the processes, is able to make their concerns and directions known immediately. Without proper communication, projects and tasks are improperly completed, wasting valuable time and money in the process.
  3. Training: When employees are provided with adequate training, they feel more comfortable and valued. If you introduce new system measures and just toss them into the mix without preparation, they’ll procrastinate due to a simple lack of understanding. Even if they need to be trained monthly, it will provide them with confidence.
  4. Simplification: Many times, workflow systems fail due to their complexity. Development can become so focused and steeped in the tiny details that the overall system is a total nightmare to navigate. Remove all excess tasks, thoughts, feelings, and so forth when you put it in place. You want the flow of work to come and go naturally, without any extra effort.
  5. Audit: Although reviewing work and current practices isn’t exactly fun, it’s a good idea to audit and measure your current system using any available metrics as proof. Sometimes, what appears to be true on the outside is anything but true on the inside.


With CurrentTrack, workflow management becomes seamlessly and effortlessly automated, safeguarding everything that’s required to have a successful and simple workflow management structure today. For the traffic managers in charge of workflow, they now have everything in one place, including messaging, time and expense management, reporting, client access, archiving and retrieval, workback schedules, billing, and more. As a singularly hosted solution, traffic managers can access it anywhere, at anytime, ensuring communication is happening openly and efficiently between teams, individuals, and departments. Consider optimizing your workflow system.

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