Four Reasons Your Team Doesn’t Understand the System

There reaches a point during every business development period where your team size and projects may outgrow your workflow system. What once worked with 10 people on staff probably won’t cut it when there’s 25 people on staff. It’s a great sign that your business is profiting and expanding, but if you want your workforce to be able to keep up with demand, then your workflow system needs to be functioning seamlessly.

If you’re going back to the drawing board, trying to identify what your business needs for smooth work distribution and completion, here are four probable reasons why your team doesn’t understand your workflow system:

  1. Loopholes: If your employees have found a way to work around the system, there’s going to be a lot of information and communication lost in translation. If employees that have been at your organization for more than five years know how to get their tasks done without the system entirely, there definitely exists a gap between newer and older talent, thwarting development and productivity in the future.
  2. Missing Communication: If you don’t have a centralized communication system yet, important information is falling through the cracks. If some employees communicate via Gmail, others Facebook Messenger, some on, and the final few through their phones, there’s no central authority of communication, as well as an understanding of who’s responsible for what tasks. Streamlined communication will clear up the confusion overnight.
  3. Unmeasurable Goals: You need to try and quantify success for your employees. Instead of telling them that you want more clients and sales this year, assign a number to it. Tell each department they are to onboard five clients by July, for example. This way, there’s no misunderstanding when it comes to your expectations and what that means for workflow.
  4. Unreliable Software: There are lots of software solutions out there that are ridden with bugs, unable to complement your operation. You need specific tools and options that will promote growth in your organization while also streamlining difficult processes. Unreliable software is the first way to breakdown your workflow system.


In a Cognizant 2015 study, 20% of organizations who used process automation reported a 15% or most cost savings. Additionally, participants said using centralized solution systems improved overall workflow within a 3- to 5-year window.

With CurrentTrack, process management just got a whole lot easier. CurrentTrack covers traffic management, messaging, time and expense management, reporting, client access, archiving and retrieval, accurate billing, workback schedules, and a hosted solution through the cloud. Every piece of information, filing, number, or record will be accessible through this centralized software, removing all questions and shortcomings with your workflow system. If you’re ready to speed up work completion this year, consider the benefits of leveraging CurrentTrack.

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