Six Reasons Your Agency Needs a Traffic Manager

With the ever diversifying benefits of technology and seamlessness as it relates to the workplace today, it leaves many in management positions wondering what role the Traffic Manager should assume. However, despite the technological tools at our fingertips, workplaces still need someone to make sure it’s all going according to plan, and that employees are adapting to the changing pace while keeping a positive attitude.

Here are six reasons why your organization needs a Traffic Manager:

  1. Organization: There’s a lot of information and communication that goes on between departments in your agency. This information needs to stay organized, or else it quickly slips through the cracks when the business needs to recall it down the line. Traffic Managers step up and ensure organization is prioritized.
  2. Scheduling: Traffic Managers schedule all work throughout the agency. They’re responsible for opening all jobs, assigning tasks, and schedule completion dates. That’s a pretty important position!
  3. Tracking: Sure, scheduling jobs might be the first part of the process, but ensuring that these jobs are actually being completed with quality work is another part. Traffic Managers constantly monitor the status of jobs, making necessary changes and ensuring the lifecycle is moving along swimmingly.
  4. Process Improvement: Complacency is never acceptable at a company that wants to fortify and expand. The Traffic Manager is constantly looking for new ways to improve internal processes that are required for growing into the future. Everything needs to be working in tandem in order for Traffic Managers to observe how the processes can be scaled to meet the new requirements.
  5. Prioritizing: After scheduling and tracking workloads, Traffic Managers also need to prioritize which projects and client demands are paramount. This is one of their most crucial roles, as they’re the ones that delegate work in a way that will keep everyone happy.
  6. Communication: Communication is key at any kind of operation, and Traffic Managers are the gatekeepers to inter-department communication. When projects pass through entirely different areas within the agency, Traffic Managers monitor the communication to ensure everything is being relayed in a timely and efficient manner.


In order to make the multi-role position of Traffic Manager easier on all of the talented individuals out there, CurrentTrack was developed to consolidate their different requirements in one singular platform. CurrentTrack tracks messaging, time and expense management, tasks, reporting, client access, archiving and retrieval, accurate billing, workback schedules… the list goes on. Every employee has a curated profile within CurrentTrack, which is backed up to the cloud, ensuring it’s accessible anywhere, anytime.

As a Traffic Manager, you deserve support during your versatile, crazy schedule. CurrentTrack is able to not only back you up, but to also augment what you’re able to do and track in a singular day. Consider the benefits of CurrentTrack for traffic management moving forward.


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