Five Reasons You Must Remain Open to Change

As a Traffic Manager, probably the most challenging and unpredictable element of the position is approaching the concept of change. It’s an inevitable part of managing different people, departments and groups; clients and markets continue changing, failing, succeeding, and growing. While that’s happening, Traffic Managers need to remain receptive to this change, and approach it with an open mind.

In a report released by HR Drive, it was found that although 80% of managers consider themselves open with their direct reports, only 55% of those employees actually agree with that assessment.

Here are five reasons why Traffic Managers need to embrace change:

  1. Better Solutions: Change is necessary. Through change, processes can be improved, new clients can come onboard and better technology can be used in-office. Instead of viewing change as a negative, approaching it with receptivity can actually help Traffic Managers create better solutions – for themselves and the workplace.
  1. Trendspotting: Changes are indicative of trends that are on the horizon. Are all of your competitors using a centralized workflow management tool, and you aren’t? Well, that industry change should alert you to a new trend that you should try and consider as a Traffic Manager. It’s a great way to learn about what’s coming; you could even get out ahead of the competition and track these trends to be the best possible Manager.
  1. Cultural Insight: If you notice changes within your office environment and between employees, it might be time to slow down and look at these changes. Has a cultural shift occurred? Are there more millennials in the office? Is there greater diversity? This kind of cultural insight will help you be a better Manager while remaining more open to intra-office exchanges you might not otherwise have considered.
  1. Education Insight: Going off of culture, as a Traffic Manager, it falls on your shoulders to consider necessary education and training for your workforce. If you remain open to change, these changes can easily provide you with the educational substance you need to lead effective training sessions every single month. Don’t fight the wave; embrace it and let it fuel your teachings.
  1. Job Security: Lastly, we can guess that you probably don’t want to lose your job. As Forbes and other magazines have put it: managers are on the verge of extinction if they remain opposed to change. Change is always going to happen, no matter what we do, and no matter where it happens. If you want to keep your job, the person above you will be watching your receptivity with change. Right now, make a decision to embrace it, before it embraces you.


If you want some consistency in the world of change, try on-boarding a centralized workflow management system, like CurrentTrack. Keep things predictable and organized in the office, so you have more time to process change!