Office Communication: Making and Breaking Productivity

Sure, you might have a perfectly developed product or service that’s desirable to clients, and you may have past revenue records to show your future success; but if office communication is breaking down or wholly lacking in your agency, you’re going to miss out on opportunities, revenue, and loyal clientele moving forward. Communication is the channel by which everyone from employees, to Traffic Managers, to paying clients identify, exchange, and approve information. It’s the very backbone of your agency.

Here are four ways in which office communication makes or breaks your workplace productivity:

  1. Is It Disconnected? Instead of having a seamless communication structure that relays information without disturbances, do you have a system that interrupts the daily workflow? Are there outdated email systems and other channels that aren’t interrelated? Do they involve opening and closing a variety of windows/programs to get the information you want? If so, a significant amount of time is being wasted every single day trying to figure out who needs what from you, and when.
  2. Can the Client Access It? Many workflow solutions are just for employees in the agency, not clients. As a result, clients end up outside the communication bubble, which can seem irresponsible as they’re the ones funding the entire operation. If your clients aren’t able to access your communication channels and leave their input, you’re failing to provide a certain level of customer service that’s essential today.
  3. Is It Distracting to Your Workforce? With no message threads or centralized feature, your workforce might opt for social media, like Facebook Messenger, to get their point across. When you leave them with nothing concrete or accessible, they’re going to find other ways, like using their cellular devices. But, if everything is available to them in one place, there’s no excuse for social media, which can then be effectively banned in your workplace. Encouraging employees to use phones to chit-chat, etc. can be a huge detriment to workplace productivity.
  4. Is It Attractive to Millennials? At this point, millennials make up the biggest portion of our workforce today. Workplace environments do need to pander to their wants and needs, which means centralized, real-time, and efficient communication channels are essential. Without them, millennials will look for other jobs, end up on social media, or fail to pay attention to the projects and tasks as at hand.

CurrentTrack’s Communication Solution

Here at CurrentTrack®, we’ve curated a centralized communication system right inside our comprehensive traffic management solution. Appealing to the millennials of the world, all communication, including with clients, can take place in one location, helping you stay on top of things. You can even spread your workforce out of one office location. It’ll assuredly improve your workplace productivity.