Is it Time for Workflow Software?

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At some point in the trajectory of an agency, there comes a time when you ask yourself, “do we need a system?” Given the rapid expansion of technology at our fingertips today, it’s simply unnecessary to shoulder the burdens of manual workflow management, printing everything out and communicating every direction via word-of-mouth.

Although it can be daunting to make a switch that’s integral to the agency, here are a few ways in which you can identify if now is the right time for traffic management software:

  1. Multiple Data Sources: If you find yourself uploading the same data to multiple teams and systems, and through multiple forms, then it’s time to consider an all-in-one solution. If it takes you an entire day to sort through project details and status, consider a comprehensive solution that only requires you to monitor a singular location.
  2. Email Chains: If you have to send an Excel spreadsheet to three different e-mails, wait for responses, then send the updated spreadsheet to a whole new set of e-mails, it’s time to put all of that information in one centrally located area everyone can access. You’ll save a tremendous amount of time along the way.
  3. There’s a Printer: If your office still needs a commercial printer to accommodate all of the forms and papers being shared between people and departments, it’s time to spare the environment and organize all of your workflow within one system. Forms can be sent and received seamlessly in a way that’s easy for everyone to access, without requiring sheets of physical paper.
  4. Outdated Legacy Systems: If your current business processing systems are unable to adapt to today’s changing requirements, like video conferencing or instant messaging, that’s a sign you need a solution that’s up-to-date and able to support any new technology you want to integrate along the way. New technology is introduced every day, and you want to be able to leverage it.
  5. Incompatible Systems: Do you have one software system that manages tasks and another that manages time sheets? Are they unable to communicate with one another? That means you have to work as that cross point of reference, which can eat up the majority of the day. One system can contain these features, and many more, making your life a whole lot easier.


If you answered “yes” to any one of these five points, then it’s time to consider integrating CurrentTrack: an all-in-one workflow system that covers everything from job initiation to gross income reporting. Not only will it save you time and money, it’ll also speed up team productivity along the way!