What’s the objective?

When searching for a workflow management system, be it web-based or hosted, two objectives should be considered — It should accommodate and foster growth within your agency, and make information available, in real-time, to everyone on your team.

The checklist below outlines features I believe make it possible to obtain these objectives. I’ve also included important items related to overall program cost. I encourage you to refer to this list when reviewing each system. You may even want to add your own, agency-specific requirements to the list.

It’s important to know, before even picking up the phone to make an initial inquiry, what your objectives are for a new workflow management system . Otherwise, you may find yourself captivated by the pretty charts and smooth-talking sales associate, only to later find there’s no way to pull a report for something as simple as hours by client!

Web-based, Cloud-hosted
Cross-platform, cross-browser
Responsive design
Available customer, technical support
Available upgrades, modifications
Time by Client, Job, Work Code, Employee, Date
Overdue Time Sheet “lockout” feature
Expense reports by Employee, Client, Job, Agency
Markup rates by Client, Purchase Order (P.O.)
Job costs in hours, fixed, both
Real-time Budget vs. actual details
Customized print, production estimating
               Single point of access for all job-related items
               Active, archived Client, Job folders
               Workback Schedule Templates
               Task time, priority levels
               Employee Tasks in Calendar format
               Individual Client, Job Calendars
               Working Tasks by Client, Date, Type, Keyword
               Assigned Task List by Employee, Date
               Completed Tasks by Client, Employee, Date
               Customized Document Templates
               Default, Client-specific Notifications
               Outside e-mail Message forwarding
     Easily track Client activity
     Billing rates, Markup by Client
     Detailed Client profiles (Spec Sheets)
     Client Contact Reports (Creative Brief)
     External Feedback routed, filed automatically
     Monitor Budgets, billing by Client, Job, Date
     Client Address Book
 Detailed reports by Client, Job, Type, Date
 Work In Progress reporting
 P.O. viewing, management
 Insertion Order viewing, management
 Time by Client, Job, Work Code, Employee, Date
 Markup rates by Client, P.O.
 Default, Vendor-specific tax rates
 Budget monitoring by Client, Job Type, Date
 Gross Income reporting
 Individual Client, Job Folders
 Active, archived Client, Job folders
 Attachments, Documents Folders by job
 Client, Vendor access to posted materials
 Creative file storage allotment
 No file type limitations (.jpg, .xls, .pdf, et. al)
 Client, Vendor Feedback capability
 Feedback Notification by Client, Employee
 User-specific Permissions, Notifications
 Customizable user dashboard
 Secure User Names, Passwords
 Guaranteed 99% up time
 Perform nightly backups

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