How do I traffic social media projects?

In June of 2009, I wrote a blog post regarding the importance of compiling Project Scheduling Guidelines titled, When do you need this?” “Yesterday.”

The Guidelines I shared focused on the five main types of projects an agency produces — collateral (annual reports, catalogs, brochures), print (newspaper, magazine, outdoor), radio and television (:15, :30, :60), and web site. In light of the continually evolving agency landscape, I think it’s time to look at an additional project type — social media (blog creation, Facebook Page).

As I sat down and began outlining the various steps involved with social media projects, I realized just how differently each agency may approach them. I’ve outlined what I believe to be fairly universal steps, below, for creating a new blog site and a Facebook Page. I’d love to hear your thoughts regarding additional steps, timing, etc.

Remember, regardless of how many steps your projects may include, to periodically fine-tune your Scheduling Guidelines. You may find one designer works more quickly than another; one client responds in a more timely manner than others. Experience will dictate how long it takes to complete various projects. A strong (and realistic) understanding of timing will enable you to more efficiently manage your agency’s workflow.


BLOG CREATION = 10.5 working days + ongoing monitoring/maintenance

Establish purpose for blog = 1 day
Determine blog name = same day
Create blog posting schedule (e.g. daily, weekly) = 1 day
Secure domain name = 1/2 day
Secure hosting service = same day
Install blog software (e.g. WordPress) = 1/2 day
Determine design needs (e.g. PSD file > WordPress template) = 1/2 day
Personalize blog settings (e.g. template, privacy) = 1 day
Set up Google Analytics = 1 day
Blog post (draft 1) = 1/2 day
Internal review = 1/2 day
Blog post (draft 2) = 1/2 day
Final OK = 1/2 day
Post blog to site (e.g. WordPress) = 1/2 day
Feed blog posts into other social media sites = 1/2 day
Build backlinks into blog = 1/2 day
Billout = 1 day

FACEBOOK PAGE = 4 working days + ongoing monitoring/maintenance

Go to > Create a Page = 1 day
Choose category (classification), Page name = same day
Select logo, upload as profile picture = same day
Complete About section = same day
Set memorable web address for Page = same day
Choose, upload cover photo = same day
Add apps to Page = 1 day
Add details about Page (Admin Panel > Edit Page > Update Info)  = same day
Feed online content (e.g. blog posts, Twitter) to automatically publish on Page = same day Promote Page via Facebook social plugins = same day
Create first Page post = 1 day
Invite people to Like Page (Admin > Build Audience) = same day
Schedule future Posts (or post daily to Page) = 1 day
Review Page Insights (1x weekly)  = same day
Review Page Insights = 7 days later
Review Page Insights = 7 days later
Review Page Insights (ongoing) = 7 days later
Billout = 1 day

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