Traffic Can Make or Break Workplace Productivity

When it comes to workplace productivity, sometimes, it can be hard to keep an entire workforce happy, motivated and committed. As humans, we tend to stray at times, getting distracted, disconnected and unmotivated with our job and tasks at hand. Typically, if we’re tired of a lack of communication, an unfair amount of work to complete in a given day, or unclear direction as to our official job titles, we become wholly uninterested in the job at hand.

That’s where critical managers, known as Traffic Managers, come into the picture. Tasked with coordinating and overseeing all traffic that flows in and out of a workplace, here are four possible reasons why traffic can essentially make or break workplace productivity:

  1. Accountability: We all know if an individual is left to their own devices, they’re more than likely going to slack off at work. Traffic Managers are tasked with checking in on people at every critical junction, which means they create accountability in all office structures. From an accountability standpoint, employees are required to show up and complete the job to the best of their ability – or else, ultimately, risk termination.
  2. Communication: Without a sound communication structure, work can get lost, direction can be misinterpreted and deadlines can be missed. In order to ensure productivity is chugging along, Traffic Managers need to intercede and create a unified communication structure that comes with no “ifs,” “ands,” or “buts.” If everyone is held accountable to the communication streams, no one can slack off in the interim.
  3. Understanding: Sometimes, a lack of productivity can be a direct result of a lack of understanding. If directions aren’t clearly and fairly communicated, how are we to continue with the projects at hand? Traffic Managers are tasked with ensuring a unified direction is sent down through a universal communication structure. If everyone is provided with everything they need, they can’t blame a lack of understanding on their lack of performance.
  4. Fairness: Be honest. Have you ever received more work or more homework than a co-worker? Did it make you mad? Of course it did, because you’re being paid the same wage! Well, Traffic Managers are tasked with ensuring all work is evenly doled out, to prevent others from slacking off while certain employees are working harder than ever before. If you’re under the impression that everything is fair at work, you’ll be more likely to take part in productive activity every single day.


With our proprietary traffic management software, we’re helping Traffic Managers everywhere ensure productivity is safeguarded and achieved at the highest level. Using unified communication and clear technological access that makes understanding easier on everyone, CurrentTrack is your 2019 solution to enhanced workplace productivity.