Five Office Resolutions to Consider

The year is now in swing, which means it’s time to close up those lingering projects, process remaining numbers, and review analytics that reflect your company’s performance in 2018. It’s a great time to set new precedents, talk to your workforce about what they’d like changed in the new year, and set down some new goals or resolutions that you want to collectively achieve. We always want to strive for more than the year before, and now is the perfect time to fine-tune that commitment.

Here are five office resolutions to collectively consider:

  1. Make the office a more enjoyable space: If you’re an advertising or creative service firm, you’re in the most creative industry there is! Try to make your office space more enjoyable this year –modernize according to current standards. Try open-spaced seating, creating common areas, or ensuring everyone gets to actually take their 1-hour lunch.

  2. Create fun contests: Everyone likes a little incentive, which is why it’s worth considering a quarterly contest to motivate your employees to show up on time and get to work. Offer up 1-2 extra days of vacation time for contest winners, or something comparable, to add a little excitement to the workday.

  3. Support better communication: If your managers or employees constantly blame “lack of communication” on their inability to complete projects on time, do something about it. Ask everyone where they feel communication falls short, and work on a new system that mitigates the holes.

  4. Encourage healthier connections: Does your office have a gossip problem? Do your managers talk poorly about their staff? These are common social downfalls of spending 40-hours together every week in the same space. Encourage healthier connections between your employees, perhaps by setting up social events, retreats, and more that bring everyone together in a positive way. There’s no way to prevent employee mingling, which is why it’s in your best interest to oversee everyone’s bonding.

  5. Promote goal setting: Maybe it’s worth going out and buying a goal setting calendar for everyone in the office. Encourage everyone to not only write down their goals, but to also reach for them. You can walk around and look at their goals, supporting their dreams and doing what you can to help them achieve those goals. It’s better for you, the business, and them, simultaneously.

The start of a new year is a great time to bring everyone together collectively while you work to make your workplace as enjoyable and productive as possible. It’s important to include everyone in the conversation, so they feel like they’re part of something newer and better. CurrentTrack traffic management software will make things like communication and connection easier and more seamless than ever before!