CurrentTrack: Everything You Need to Know

If you’re ready to integrate a traffic management system into your workplace, you probably have some questions — How many other programs can we eliminate by using this software? Will I be able to monitor the numbers at any time? Can more than one person access it as needed? Can I easily see the workload “big picture?”

These are all reasonable questions and concerns, which is why we’re going to go over everything you need to know when it comes to our traffic management software — CurrentTrack®.

Traffic Management

CurrentTrack was created, first and foremost, to help with all traffic management that occurs in any given workplace. Through our software, create a workback schedule (i.e. Critical Path) using the information available via the client interface, progress report, and change order to ensure everything is scheduled as needed. With this finalized schedule in place, every individual in your agency will know exactly what they do need to do, and when they need to do it.


Reports are generated at every traffic checkpoint, making it easier than ever before for you to review the numbers and stats you need to make real-time decisions. With this kind of insight, now you can act quickly and make the right calls that will lead to greater successes down the line


With both a cc: function and a comment feature, now you can sift through messages, both from employees and clients, in an expedited manner. You’ll never lose a string of dialogue or anything important in the communication structure that can cost you business and happy employees.

Time & Expense Management

All expenses and time sheets are filtered into their respective financial reports, providing you with a real-time picture of the state of time and expenses at the agency. You’ll know precisely where you stand financially, which is an incredibly valuable tool heading into new quarters.

Client and Vendor Access

Now you can let clients and vendors into the conversation as well, showcasing articles, radio interviews, pieces of media, and more. With this kind of access, clients and vendors will be more inclined to move forward with your business thanks to the cold, hard proof in their hands. You can carefully control and curate what information is being presented to them.

Archiving & Retrieval

Sometimes, you’re required to come up with an answer regarding a client in just minutes. How do you go about finding this information? With efficient archiving and retrieval, now you can quickly sift through everything related to that client, producing the pertinent fact or piece of information you need to make accurate and supported decisions moving forward.

Traffic Management Software Made for You

Also including employee-specific permissions, accurate billing tools, a hosted solution, and much more, CurrentTrack has it all. If you’re looking for a traffic software solution that not only improves your workplace productivity, but also enhances it, CurrentTrack covers every requirement. Give us a call if you’re considering a new traffic system!