Workflow: Happy with the State of Your System?

If you don’t think of your workflow management system as a well-oiled machine, with checks and balances, alarms, and triggers installed throughout it, then it’s time to reflect on what you could change. Your software should be working as a conductor, keeping every person and every part in place, understanding what’s coming at all times. That’s the very essence of workflow management – it should be making your job easier.

That brings us to the question: are you happy with the current state of your system?

Here are a few ways to know it’s time to make a sweeping change:

  1. Confusion: If staff is constantly confused about which project is whose responsibility, which client submitted which project, and when it’s due, there’s something majorly wrong with your system. Human error will rear its ugly head if you give it a chance to, and miscommunication is one of the major conducers to such confusion.
  2. Complaints: If your clients are complaining about miscommunications too frequently, something is getting lost in translation. According to recent data from Help Scout, 78% of consumers have cancelled a transaction or decided against making a purchase because of their bad service experience. If your employees are confused, they’re most certainly providing a bad customer service experience for your clients.
  3. Status: Going off of confusion, if employees are able to point fingers and push around blame regarding the status of project completion, something is wrong. It should be very clear who’s responsible for what, at all times, which effectively removes the need to check up on “the status” of a project and “who’s handling it.”
  4. Different Channels: If you find yourself texting certain employees, e-mailing others, and using a different platform altogether to manage all of it, then there’s something wrong with your workflow. In order to minimize confusion and improve communication, everything needs to be in one location – not just for you, but for employees who need to be able to see all of the information, too.
  5. Unhappiness: Lastly, if employees are woefully unhappy, every single day, there’s something wrong with their workplace experience. Yes, some days none of us want to be at work; but, if that day is every day for the majority of your workforce, there’s something seriously wrong.


With CurrentTrack it becomes incredibly easy for Traffic Managers to manage workflow while focusing on providing clients the best possible service. Our automated software solution contains messaging, time and expense management, reporting, client access, archiving and retrieval, accurate billing, and hosted solutions for any company thinking about integrating its features. As a result, confusion, complaints, and overall unhappiness is mitigated through public, streamlined understanding that simplifies everything for everyone involved.

If you answered yes to any of the red flags above, it’s time you consider a better traffic management solution for your agency.


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