“Have you hugged your Traffic Manager today?”

Traffic Managers work hard. Period.

As is the case with any employee, it’s important to recognize the accomplishments and contributions of your Traffic Manager on a regular basis.

Think about these scenarios for a moment.

If project specs are missing from the initial contact report, who requests them before moving the work to the creative department? The Traffic Manager.

If an art director needs to know when the layout is due for presentatation, who does he ask? The Traffic Manager.

If the production manager has to confirm the quantity to be quoted, who does she ask? The Traffic Manager.

When gauging the workload of his department, with whom does the creative director consult? The Traffic Manager.

Who typically serves as backup when the office manager is out for the afternoon? The Traffic Manager.

If I were to outline all of the ways in which a Traffic Manager contributes to the overall success of an agency, I’d have to consult a publisher. This post would quickly turn into a book.

Please don’t misunderstand. I’m by no means devaluing the many contributions of the other team members in an agency. I’m simply suggesting credit be given where credit is due. In a fast-paced creative environment, it’s easy to overlook the person (or people) behind the process.

The next time you’re tempted to start a conversation with, “Where’s my ad?” Take a deep breath, hug your Traffic Manager, and be thankful she knows where to find it.

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