CurrentTrack Redesign Update

When the Developware team came together at the end of 2012 to discuss our plans for the coming year, we reached a consensus that an interface refresh should be a top priority. Of course, modernizing the interface of an existing system, with a community of users who are successfully using it, is no small undertaking. There are many considerations that must be made.

CurrentTrack® is a mature project management system imbued with years of enhancements, development and features. Our challenge is to take this product, with its rich history and dedicated user base, and streamline it without alienating our clients who love it the way it is. To do this successfully, we had to establish a few guiding principles for this project:

    1. How can we bring the most frequently accessed sections of CurrentTrack to the foreground? We’re all about eliminating clicks. Users should be able to get to the information they seek as quickly as possible.
    2. Can we give data more context? Visually speaking, it’s easier, to display hierarchies in a more logical way.
    3. Are there more effective ways for teams to communicate? People spend a lot of time communicating with one another via social media platforms. Our plan is to adopt conventions popularized by Facebook and Twitter to help teams collaborate in a way that’s already familiar to them. 

It’s with these thoughts in mind that we attacked the interface refresh project. For now, we’re busy working on the new look, which we’re excited about! More news and screenshots will be shared in the coming months.

Stay tuned!

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