“Laptop, please.”

My best friend is a Traffic Manager at Current360, a 45+ employee agency, here in Louisville, KY.

While at lunch, yesterday, she was telling me about her request of HR for a laptop computer.

What a brilliant idea — Traffic via laptop! I don’t mean so she can take her work home with her, but rather so she can update jobs more quickly while in-house.

Think about it.

You’re a Traffic Manager and you make your morning, mid-day and afternoon rounds (ideally). You might now carry a clipboard, master task list and trusty pen (as I used to and still do). You write down status updates as you talk with each employee. You then go back to your desk, log in to your agency management software (CurrentTrack® in the case of Current360), update each job, and then repeat the process.

How much more quickly could you move things along if you had a laptop on hand when talking with each employee, making the updates in real-time? Not to mention the trees you’d save by not printing a 10+ page task list several times a day.

A $1,000 (or less) investment to speed up the workflow process exponentially?

A no-brainer, in my opinion.

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