Five Workflow Process Myths to Look Out For

Sometimes, when new developments dawn on our horizons, as humans, we can be unnecessarily resistant and afraid of the change. In the case of workflow process, with the age of technology, we’re able to monitor services, communication, and data like never before. However, with such an overhaul of previous in-person systems, many business owners are hesitant to proceed forward with centralizing everything related to workflow management.

We understand the unknown can be a scary topic. That’s why we’re going to to cover five workflow process myths, and why you shouldn’t be worried:

  1. Centralization Loses the Little Things: When everything is centralized in one place, smaller things slip through the cracks. That’s the first myth of using traffic management (workflow) software. Contrary to your belief, technology is infinite, which means the software can manage the smallest of requirements in addition to the big concerns like billing. From scheduling to conference room calls, your workflow software can accommodate everything your company needs today.
  2. Employee Dissatisfaction: Increases in employee accountability breeds dissatisfaction. Studies have actually shown that employee accountability encourages greater performance, which therefore provides employees with a larger sense of personal satisfaction. We may behave lazily on the job, but it doesn’t mean that we feel good about it. We feel better about ourselves when we’re actually being productive.
  3. It’s One-Sided: Workflow software is only beneficial for one side of the business. Did you know that today’s traffic management solutions are actually two-sided, meaning there’s a component specifically for the client? That’s right, you can manage all sides of your business in one centralized software solution, making it easier for everyone to track communication and check off tasks along the project trail.
  4. There Are No Analytics: Using workflow software leaves out the important numbers. This couldn’t be more false – using technology to traffic everything from communication to project completion means there’s a technical record etched every single time. From this record, reports, documents and analysis summaries can be distributed with just the click of a mouse to all stakeholders. You won’t have to print a thing!
  5. It’s Unsafe: Having everything online and in one place makes it dangerous. Did you know that backing your information up to one software solution makes it much less penetrable than if you have everything physically sitting in file cabinets? People can’t just come into your office and rob you of your valuables – they’d need advanced software tapping capability that’s only available to you.


We understand fearing the unknown. That’s why we’re so keen on sharing critical information when it comes to introducing technology to your company and workflow process. We’ve looked at the biggest myths, from centralization of information to security breaches. We hope you’ll consider the facts when it comes to your future traffic management decisions.