QuickBooks Integration is Here!

Our mission at Developware is to provide an easy-to-use agency management system to help creative service firms spend less time wrestling with administrative hassles and focused, instead, on creating great campaigns for their clients. Our new QuickBooks Connector is a major milestone on our development path, bringing significant value to our user community.

Since its inception, CurrentTrack® has served as an intuitive, centralized hub for tracking time, expenses and purchases associated with the myriad of projects in an agency’s pipeline. While making this information readily accessible has enabled agencies to create accurate estimates, proactively plan resources and increase efficiency, many users asked us to push CurrentTrack‘s financial capabilities further by closing the loop between project management and general ledger systems.

With the QuickBooks Connector, we’re making it even easier for CurrentTrack partners to transfer financial information from where it’s collected, in CurrentTrack, to QuickBooks — the most popular small business accounting system on the market. To learn more, schedule a brief demo or discuss your agency’s workflow, .

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