The Ad Agency of *Name*, *Name* and *Name*

Advertising, an industry in a constant state of flux, has mostly gotten away from the last name on the door naming conventions of the past. Instead, modern agencies are opting to use names, logos and websites as a place to flex their creative muscles and project an evocative image of their company before anyone sets foot in their offices. Of course, there’s always the risk of being overly twee, confusing or even offensive which can be detrimental to the company.

I have seen thousands of agency names come across my desk over the years and they range from common and classic to wordplay to downright strange. Here are a few unique names from my database which I’ll leave for you to debate the merits of:


What do you think? Is the trend of strange agency names here to stay or are we going to see a renaissance in agency naming and revert back to the ‘three names on the door’ naming of the past?

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