“Traffic Managers, what are they thinking?”

Have you ever wondered what other Traffic Managers go through on a daily basis? What they perceive to be the most difficult part of their job? How they decompress after a hectic day of “cat-herding?” Well, now you have the chance to find out!

Over the coming months, I’ll be conducting a series of interviews with Traffic Managers in our community. I hope you’ll benefit from their experience and advice. First up, Laura Griffie, of Current360 (Louisville, KY).

How long have you been a Traffic Manager? 12 years

What would you say is the most challenging part of your job? Getting everyone to use CurrentTrack® and knowing why it’s important

The most enjoyable? There’s something new every day!

Are you a dog or a cat person? Dog(s) plural

What motivates you, as a Traffic Manager? I love to learn new things, so projects that challenge me intellectually motivate me.

How do you ensure employees turn their Time Sheets in on time (pun intended)? Lock them out of CurrentTrack.

How many steps were in the biggest project you ever managed? Hmm…200+!

Left brain or right brain? Left

Is your traffic software web-based or hosted in-house? Web-based

What one thing do you love the most about your traffic software? Everything is in one place.

How do you decompress after a crazy day in the office? Snuggling with my dogs and watching trashy TV

What advice would you give someone who’s entering the field of “traffic?” Don’t do it UNLESS you’re good at dealing with stress and people. People cause stress and you must know how to deal with many types of personalities.

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