Job Description 15: Accounting Assistant

Clearly defined roles among team members are imperative for efficient workflow. While employee responsibilities often cross over several areas, there are a few underlying roles that should remain static.

The primary responsibility of the Accounting Assistant (AA), is to ensure accurate processing of financial information.

The AA reports directly to the Accounting Manager (AM).


• Possesses knowledge of accounting, bookkeeping terminology and practices

• Establishes and maintains productive relationships with senior personnel

• Frequently meets with AM to review his/her activities

• Works with Account Executives, new media team to ensure accurate billing

• Reviews estimates, invoices prior to release and ensures prompt collection of AR

• Prepares and processes Purchase Orders (P.O.s), invoices, check requests, contract payments

• Ensures P.O.s and invoices are accurately matched

• Assists AM with year-end processing of Accounts Payable

• Works closely with AM to resolve day-to-day budget issues

• Provides reports as requested by AM, senior personnel

• Makes bank deposits on behalf of AM (as requested)

• Assists with processing of employee reimbursements

• Verifies items billed vs. items received; reconciles differences with vendors, employees

• Designs, prepares, maintains spreadsheets (as requested)

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