Traffic Managers can Revolutionize Workflow

Although every member of the team has an impact on the overall workflow process and how well an agency performs, those in managerial positions have a significantly more important presence. For workflow and traffic management, those individuals are the Traffic Managers, the very people tasked with ensuring that projects and communication between departments is occurring seamlessly and efficiently at any given moment.

As this can be a challenging position, tasked with auditing existing information, monitoring collaboration, and fairly doling out projects as they routinely come in, Traffic Managers sit at pivotal positions in any given organization.

If you’re looking to improve upon current processes and don’t know where to start, here are three ways your Traffic Managers can revolutionize the current workflow process at your agency:

  1. The Motivator: Every employee gets discouraged from time to time. If they’ve been yelled at for their work by a client, for example, it can be discouraging to take the heat and keep working their best every day. That’s why, as a Traffic Manager, you need to think of yourself as “the team motivator,” the person cheering everyone on while keeping things as organized as possible. One great way to do this is to call out praise or successes in the current structure, communicating good performance more than bad performance. Consider introducing traffic prizes as part of your weekly routine.
  2. The Equalizer: Nothing is more frustrating to employees than to watch certain employees take on more work than others. It’s natural for us to come to rely on just a few people that we know are our “go-to” people in a department, but that’s not fair to the rest of the employees. These employees want a chance to earn their stripes; on the other hand, the ones being loaded with work want a chance to breathe while everyone carries their own weight. Treat everyone equally and fairly, for your actions as a manager are more duly noted than you could ever know.
  3. The Communicator: Most importantly, you need to see yourself as “the great communicator.” If you feel like everyone is already communicating easily, think again. Communication is one of those things we need to constantly monitor and improve upon, which means you should be consistently checking in with teams regarding communication and their perception. People want to be heard, and it’s your job to make employees feel like their feedback is valued at the organization.


We understand how complex and overwhelming the role of Traffic Manager can be, which is why we’ve introduced a consolidated and automated software solution for every company today. Now, all workflow, billing and communication is located in just one platform, making monitoring and auditing much easier on the Traffic Managers of the world. Through this organization, allow yourself to be the pivotal manager you were always meant to be. Take more time to support your team and really show everyone that you care and are always listening.


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