I’m a dog person.

A cat person…

A turtle person…

A… well, you get the point. I love creatures of all shapes and sizes.

This afternoon, I have the pleasure of dog-sitting my best friend’s cocker spaniel/dachshund mix, Peyton, for a few hours.
She’s been sniffing around the office, checking everything out. She’s even stretched out on my guest chair a few times and given the beanbag a try. (And you thought it was funny watching me get out of a beanbag!)

Some employers feel that having pets in the workplace decreases employee productivity. I disagree. While I’ll admit I’ve spent a few minutes hugging Peyton today, just having her around has lifted my mood. I’ve actually been more productive.

I think our office just might need a mascot. I wonder if an otter would like our kitchen sink?

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