Job Description 12: Web Developer

Clearly defined roles among team members are imperative for efficient workflow. While employee responsibilities often cross over several areas, there are a few underlying roles that should remain static.

The primary responsibility of the Web Developer (WD) is to aid in the production of interactive advertising and marketing campaigns. S/he also supports the existing infrastructure of the agency and aids in the development of new technologies.

The WD generally works as a team with a designated Art Director (AD) and copywriter or receives written copy and places it within a specific form of advertising. S/he reports directly to the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and/or Creative Director (CD).


• Attends daily production meeting

• Designs creative materials according to instruction provided by AD and/or CD

• Helps determine how materials can best be digitally optimized, presented for the web

• Assists with and understands relational databases

• Meets with account service (AS) to ensure campaign consistency across all interactive media

• Performs extensive testing of web applications

• Collaborates with AD, CD on design elements and outside sources

• Demonstrates proficiency in various programming languages (e.g. HTML, Javascript, )

• Understands architecture of client server and Internet systems

• Tests creative for functionality across various browsers, resolutions

• Alerts CTO, AS and Traffic Manager if deadlines cannot be met

• Possesses a working knowledge of programming technologies

• Identifies possible application deficiencies; recommends solutions

• Proactively seeks opportunities for continuing education

• Makes text corrections to interactive materials (as requested)

• Possesses strong visual, verbal communications skills

• Submits a daily Time Sheet detailing work execution

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