Consider Spring Cleaning Your Organization

Spring is finally on the horizon, which means it’s time to wipe off the winter dust and start thinking about how you can breathe newer, warmer life in your organization. We can become complacent with processes, as they are, during the winter. However, spring is a time to reflect on what we know, and how we can rejuvenate traffic management processes in a way that’s even easier, simpler, and more productive moving forward.

If you’re in the spring cleaning spirit, here are a few reasons why it should extend into your organization:

  1. Process Review: We know the saying, “Success breeds complacency. Complacency breeds failure. Only the paranoid survive.” When you start to become complacent with things as they are, that’s when the problems arise. You need to constantly review your processes, making sure everything is running up to speed. Right now is a perfect time to review all processes and make necessary changes moving forward.
  2. Management Trimming: The less overhead, communication, and coordination that needs to go on between departments, the quicker projects will be completed. As you get ready to shed those winter pounds, consider shedding unneeded oversight tasks that are actually slowing down your workplace productivity. Only keep what’s absolutely necessary.
  3. Boosted Morale: Employees notice when their employers go the extra mile to change something or make something better. It makes them feel more valued and more engaged in what they’re doing. If you just make them do the same exact task for five years in a row, they’re going to become bored and start looking for other places of employment. This spring, show your employees you care about changing processes in a way that’s beneficial for them.
  4. Excitement: Change is a good thing. It breaks everyone out of their workplace monotony. If you announce that a certain extra step is being removed, or that maybe sleeker keyboards are coming as part of your spring cleaning initiative, it’ll give your employees something to get excited about. Plus, it’ll break their complacency as well, forcing them to adjust and stay on top of their game for the summer ahead.
  5. Newer Solutions: When we hear spring cleaning, we think about throwing out the old to usher in the new. Newer solutions and goals should be your aim this spring, introducing new marks that you want to set for each team. Updating your demands throughout the year is perfectly normal. When bosses make their wants and needs known in January and disappear until next December, chances are, their expectations aren’t met. Throw a curveball, and introduce newer solutions.


One way to update your solutions, inspire excitement and morale, and make overall processes easier this year is through considering the integration of CurrentTrack into your organization. With centralized billing, reporting, messaging, archiving, and information retrieval, all backed to one centralized cloud, CurrentTrack can totally revolutionize how projects are transferred between departments today. Your employees will thank you for it, and your spring cleaning goals will be officially complete with this all-in-one software solution.

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