Job Description 6: Media Assistant

Clearly defined roles among team members are imperative for efficient workflow. While employee responsibilities often cross over several areas, there are a few underlying roles that should remain static.

The primary responsibility of the Media Assistant (MA) is to support the Media Supervisor (MS) and/or Media Buyer (MB) in his/her day-to-day activities.

The MA works to develop a knowledge base in preparation for planning, evaluating and buying advertising media across a variety of venues, including but not limited to television, cable, radio, outdoor, newspaper, magazine, and Internet.

The MA reports directly to the Media Supervisor (MS). This is an entry-level position.


• Attends daily (or weekly) production meeting

• Alerts MB and Traffic Manager if deadlines cannot be met

• Efficiently uses Word® and Excel® and is PC/Mac and Powerpoint®/Keynote® proficient

• Possesses strong math skills and the ability to multi-task

• Assists with the monitoring and maintenance of all media projects and buying assignments

• Able to work efficiently under tight deadlines

• Monitors trade publications for new media trends

• Assists with smaller proposal evaluations and client media plans

• Collects media research data and assists in writing competitive reports

• Understands various media and their applications against Client strategies, goals

• Understands the value and usefulness of traditional, digital and emerging media

• Assists in the development of media plans for existing and prospective clients

• Prepares estimates, insertion orders (as requested)

• Makes media space reservations (as requested)

• Develops the skills necessary to advance to the position of MB

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