You CAN take it with you.

The system I use each day to document my customers’ questions, record my time, submit project-related expenses, and get a quick feel for what’s moving through the IT Department, is CurrentTrack®. It’s an entirely web-based project management system — or, if you’re a fan of acronyms, — that enables me to work from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection.

Ok, enough shameless promotion.

I love the fact that CurrentTrack is “web-enabled.” On Monday, I found myself at home with an under-the-weather three-year-old. In between dispensing meds and fetching his favorite Webkinz, I was able to access my Task List, support customers around the globe (literally) and record each time increment along the way.

Regardless of which project management system you use, its being web-accessible will play an integral role in keeping up with the fast pace of business during the remainder of 2008, into 2009 (and beyond).

No one WANTS to work when outside the office with a sick child, an ailing parent or anything else life may throw their way. The reality of the situation is that we sometimes HAVE to. Why not make the information necessary to do your job more easily accessible?

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