“Dude, where’s that file?”

At Developware, we often tout CurrentTrack’s universal accessibility through an array of browsers and devices as a significant benefit. Our clients tend to agree!  Access to information about your business when you need it most is one of the marquee promises of cloud based software services and we’re proud we chose to develop in this direction a decade ago.

We’re in good company too. Google has experienced tremendous success with their cloud-based office suite and in what is perhaps a more significant move, Microsoft just introduced Office 365, a web-based version of their bread and butter Office package. This is a move in the right direction but there are still applications that haven’t made their way to the web just yet. I’m talking about the myriad creative tools we use to create great work for clients.

While InDesign and Photoshop are terrific tools, it’s still up to us to figure out a way to store and share the files we create.  One solution a number of our clients have mentioned is Dropbox.  Dropbox, if you’re not already familiar with it, is an app that resides on your computer as a folder. Simply place your project files into the designated ‘Dropbox’ folder and your data is backed up to the cloud while you continue on with your day. You also have the ability to share folders with your teammates so you can easily collaborate internally. It’s also a relative bargain compared to some of the pricey storage hardware solutions in the marketplace. Dropbox doesn’t solve all problems, however. You still need a method to share data with your clients and vendors which is where a solution like CurrentTrack’s Client / Vendor Portal shines.

CurrentTrack allows you to post your creative files, task lists and calendar events for review and comment by your clients. The data resides in the job folder in CurrentTrack, which makes this functionality a seamless part of your workflow. You can also use CurrentTrack to post completed work for vendors to access when ready; it’s an intuitive replacement to maintaining an FTP site.

Cloud services are reducing the headache of data management and with the right approach and solutions your agency can leverage cloud architecture to make information more open and accessible.

For more information about Dropbox visit www.dropbox.com.

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