So quiet you can hear a job drop.

Unless you’re using a web-based project management system, that is.

Half of our staff is out today, literally. During the summer months, our managing partner blesses us with “partner days.” We’re each paired with another employee and, on every other Friday, one of us has the day off.  What an incredibly productive move on her part.  I mean that, sincerely.

When I’m in the office on a partner day, my productivity increases exponentially. I’m focused, able to accomplish the little things that get put aside during the week and, with just a few clicks, in the loop on all of my partner’s projects. I don’t have to rummage through paperwork or bother him on his day off. I have immediate access to his tasks, budgets, change orders, and even creative assets through CurrentTrack®. And, because it’s web-based (and he’s a workaholic), he can log on from his iPad® – poolside – and see what’s happening in his absence.

“Partner days.” Reason number 1,000,000,001 why I couldn’t live without our workflow system!

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