Size does matter.

I’m currently in Orlando, FL at the 2008 CREATE Chaos Conference and Expo. Our company, Developware, is exhibiting CurrentTrack.

The folks at Brahn Communications have done an exceptional job with strategic partnership development, advertising and media sponsorship, and overall logistics for the event. Sessions are clearly marked, lanyards and conference materials looks great, the bookstore is a nice touch, and the Expo hall is inviting.

If only the hotel was as “attendee-friendly.”

Don’t get me wrong; the Orlando World Center Marriott Resort & Convention Center is breath-taking. Especially when you’ve spent the last 20 min. walking down various corridors, through eateries and gift shops, riding the elevator, and circling the pool, all in a quest to find the conference.

I’m led to wonder, is it possible for a venue, or creative agency for that matter, to become too large? At what point does the comfortable and familiar become overwhelming? When is the cohesiveness of your team lessened? When is productivity decreased rather than increased?

Maybe Hansel and Gretel had the right idea — Breadcrumbs to help us find our way back.

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