Feelin’ the love

Have you given your Traffic Manager a hug today? Perhaps you should. Without an effective traffic management infrastructure in place —  both systems and personnel — how would projects make it through your agency? Balancing the opposing needs and desires between agency departments is a delicate, but necessary, task. Traffic managers are the fulcrum of the agency. In the modern agency world of shrinking media margins and outsourcing the last thing we can afford is inefficiency. Planning traffic appropriately has never been more important.

AEs, listen up, Traffic is trying to do everything they can to expedite your jobs and they’re making decisions about how best to do that –  I swear they don’t like to tell you ‘no’ just because!

Dear Creatives, please don’t view our beloved Traffic Managers as merciless taskmasters, they’re just trying to make sure the agency’s work gets done within a reasonable time frame, stays on budget and is routed to the appropriate team member. It’s tough work, help us out!

Valentine’s Day, like Virginia, is for lovers, but let’s give our Traffic Managers a hug or at least a high five today shall we? We don’t know where we’d be without you!

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