Employee Practices Causing Tension at Your Agency?

In order for any business to scale its operation today, employees are an essential part of the equation. However, for every business owner, electing to disperse work among other people and trusting they’ll perform to their best, can be a stressful experience. Although hiring help is the best thing you can do for scalability, managing that help and ensuring its performing to peak levels can be a full-time job.

The best thing you can do today is educate yourself on what to look for when it comes to employee tension. We’re all human, which means tension, problems and irregularities are going to happen. As management, it’s your responsibility to stay vigilant. Here are some dangerous employee practices to manage today:

  1. Miscommunication: Sometimes, it’s not your employees’ fault if miscommunication is occurring throughout your agency. It might be your workflow structure, or overall approach to traffic management. If one avenue for communication isn’t emphasized, information might be getting lost in the loopholes.
  2. Bypasses: As part of your communication structure, when an easy-to-use system isn’t presented to your employees, they’re going to bypass it altogether. If it’s easier to just DM or text a piece of information, they’re going to do so to save time. However, it’s much harder to track communication via personal channels when it should have been sent through one centralized system.
  3. Gossiping: When there are shortcomings in your system, people are going to talk. It’s a natural part of a work environment — gossip. People are social creatures, and desire friendship. One easy way for your workforce to bond is over your lack of centralization and organization as a business manager.
  4. Lack of Satisfaction: Employees aren’t stupid – they know if you’re putting effort and dedication into their experience at your company. If they feel like they’re being left with no structure, communication system or clear set rules, they’re going to look for jobs elsewhere. Their lack of satisfaction is integral to their productivity.
  5. Laziness: When the “boss” looks the other way, we all get a little bit lazier. If you don’t have performance checkpoints built into your system, laziness is going to become a central component of your workforce. If employees notice other employees being lazy without retribution, they’re going to mimic the behavior.

The CurrentTrack® Solution

We’ve developed an all-in-one traffic management and workflow solution that addresses all of the dangerous threats to your company — CurrentTrack. Centralizing everything from billing to communication in one place, accountability, clear-set communication, and ease of use will improve your employees’ satisfaction immediately. The result? A happier, more productive work environment with employees who love and respect you. It’s a win-win for everyone involved.