“Calling all Traffic Managers!”

Next week, I’m traveling to Chicago, IL for the Second Wind Network, “Certified Agency Operations, Workflow and Efficiency Seminar.”

The agenda consists of the following topics, among several others:

  • The Traffic Manager and the Production Manager: Different positions, different people
  • The best daily agency traffic system in the world
  • The daily hit sheet
  • The structured day
  • Workflow: Management by moving around
  • Working with account executives and the creative department
  • Computer software overview: New “lean” software options
  • Timeline management
  • The Speed Desk and Other Efficiency Tactics

While I’ll be attending the seminar as an exhibitor of our agency management system, CurrentTrack, I’ll also have the opportunity to talk with various men and women in the “agency traffic world.” I always enjoying hearing about (and identifying with) their experiences — What’s working… and what’s not, how their workflow is changing with new technologies, how they motivate their employees, how they ensure time sheet compliance, and the list goes on.

Unlike many agency facets, “traffic” is often under-recognized and is certainly under-documented. There are very few seminars focused specifically on agency workflow, next to no blogs addressing traffic manager woes, and only a handful of books and articles on the role.

A seminar such as this affords an opportunity for attendees to talk and learn from one another. It’s an incredible forum for growth… and, it’s proximity to the Magnificent Mile isn’t such a bad thing either!


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