Going green.

You’ve heard the directive a million times – “Go Green!” Companies are rewarded for swapping out energy-consuming light bulbs and electronics for those less harsh on the environment.  We teach our children, from the time they can say, “green,” ways to help the Earth. What does the “Go Green” movement mean for advertising agencies?

Since the time of their inception, the majority of agencies have used a paper job jacket system to keep documents together in a single place. Whether a large manila envelope or custom-printed file folder, the paper jacket has served its purpose well. But, is it quickly becoming a thing of the past?

While web-based project management systems have flooded the market within the past five to ten years, many agencies have held fast to tangible job jackets. It took me years to “go green” in the workplace and stop printing every single thing that came across my desk. Believe me, it wasn’t easy. Now, I only print what’s absolutely necessary.

Although an agency has implemented a web-based system, I don’t think it can completely do away with paper job jackets. They’re still useful for keeping track of things like disks, client sign-offs and printed samples. The size of the envelope used can, however, get smaller. Consider using an eco-friendly envelope.

When moving a project through the agency, ask yourself, “Do I need to print this or is it in the system?” If it’s in the system, step away from the print button… The Earth will thank you!

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