Working in a glass house.

I recently read an article written by Phil Johnson titled, “Will Twitter Disrupt Your Business… or Enhance it?” In the final paragraph, he raises a profound point.

“…. Much of the content that we want to share with our clients and prospects is also accessible to our competition. I can tell you that the sky has not fallen. If anything, it has made us work a little harder to keep company with some of the great agencies that we admire.”

I’ve recently entered the rabbit hole, Facebook. Simultaneously, I’ve become enthralled with Twitter and TweetDeck. Within these applications, I’ve connected with existing Clients, begun following agencies with which I hope to make contact, shared war stories with my fellow Traffic Managers, and sought information on my foremost competitors.

These tools, along with a host of others, enable me to hear chatter about our products and those that are available on the market. They give me an incredible advantage in that I can better determine what’s working and what’s not. I equate feedback such as this to, “being given the answers to the test.”

It’s the comments of daily users, prospective Clients and even proponents of my competitors that further my development as a business owner and “Traffic Guru.” Along the way, a strong sense of community is fostered and, ultimately, a better way of doing business.

Let’s tweet.

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