“Yes, Christopher, the world IS flat.”

Ok, maybe not in the literal sense, but figuratively. It’s shrinking, too.

In his 2004 bestseller, “The World is Flat,” Thomas Friedman explores the convergence of technology and events that have enabled countries around the globe to compete in the same marketplace. This blurring of geographic lines becomes more evident to me daily.

In my current position as CCO (Chief Customer Officer) of a web-based software company (Developware), I support Traffic Managers in, predominantly, the United States. Additionally, each new web site inquiry crosses my desk at some point in the process.

[It’s the Traffic Manager in me. I have to know everything that’s going on.]

In the past month, Developware has received inquiries from Canada, Poland, Iran, South Africa, Brazil, Turkey, India, Angola, and Malaysia. Though separated (somewhat) by language, the creative agencies of these, and other, countries share a common desire –- to better manage their workflow. They, too, want to instantly know the status of their projects, to carefully monitor budgets and to quickly gain client approval.

Isn’t it amazing to think that a Traffic Manager, not unlike yourself, is moving at warp-speed to push a project through the pipeline; reviewing an employee’s Time Sheet to make sure everything was entered correctly; fielding requests for, “just one more day” to work on the layout?

The Creative Brief, however, is written in Arabic.
The budget is displayed in Medicals, not dollars.
The client meeting is “in the city” — Istanbul, to be exact.
There are only three radio stations — in the country — to air the spot.
The copy reads from right to left.

The world really is one big, flat marketplace. We’re ALL trying not to fall of the edge.

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