Whoa, six years already?

Happy anniversary to us,
Happy anniversary to us,
Happy anniversary, deeaarrr Developwaaare.
Happy anniversary to us!

I can’t believe it… six years ago, today, a little company called Developware was officially introduced to the advertising world. Our premier product, CurrentTrack, had been in development for over two years. The brainchild of Rick Schardein, president of Current360, it was built, then re-built from the ground up; modified, further modified, and turned every which way but upside down. Our CTO might say his world was turned upside down the day Rick darkened his doorway and asked, “What would it take to get Time Sheets on line?”

The answer? About eight million hours (recorded on line, mind you), several legal pads, a few mechanical pencils, and a lot of late nights. Ok, so CurrentTrack was enhanced well beyond Time Sheets.

This has been an incredible six-year journey. It’s indescribably gratifying to see “a string of 1s & 0s” become an entirely web-based ad agency software system. A system that’s helping creative professionals around the world stay on “Track.” [Pun intended.]

With that I say, “bring on the next six years!” And, a few more mechanical pencils.

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