Job Description 13: Procurement Specialist

Clearly defined roles among team members are imperative for efficient workflow. While employee responsibilities often cross over several areas, there are a few underlying roles that should remain static.

The primary responsibility of the Procurement Specialist (PS) is to find goods and services on behalf of an individual or business, at an acceptable price, that meet a stated need. S/he has dedicated a significant amount of time (and effort) to become an expert in procurement.

The PS collaborates with the Creative Director (CD), (PB)/ (PM) and Office Manager (OM), as well as the traffic department, as necessary. S/he reports directly to the PB/PM.


• Attends daily (or weekly) production meeting (as requested)

• Has experience in strategic sourcing, contract negotiation and bid tendering

• Checks initial input for accuracy and requests additional information (if needed)

• Compares costs and evaluates the quality and suitability of goods and services

• Establishes and maintains effective vendor relationships

• Keeps informed of new products and market trends

• Works with officials of various internal departments to determine purchasing needs

• Maintains detailed records of purchase price information

• Ensures the timely and accurate delivery of promotional items

• Alerts appropriate parties if deadlines cannot be met

• Carefully monitors specially packed orders and inventory allocation

• Alerts appropriate parties of any problems related to item quality

• Demonstrates sound judgment in resolving fulfillment issues (e.g. returns)

• Adheres to company dress code policy

• Submits a daily Time Sheet detailing work execution

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