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Based on the information entered by employees in their Time Sheets, a Work Code Detail can be viewed in a number of ways, including by date range and Employee.

To create a Work Code Detail, go to Admin — Agency Administration — Create Work Code Detail.

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If you enter dates from and to, and then select only a Work Code, all Employees will be displayed. If you select a Work Code and an Employee, only entries for the selected Work Code will be displayed for the indicated Employee. Lastly, if you select only an Employee, all Work Code entries for the chosen Employee will be displayed.

The Work Code Detail is especially valuable to members of the Accounting Department when monitoring the number of Sick, Personal and Vacation hours an Employee has used. To add these Work Codes to CurrentTrackgo to Admin — System Administration — Manage Work Codes. More information regarding Work Categories and Codes can be found here.

TIP: Use the Summary for Old Work Codes section when looking for information regarding now inactive Codes.

To view the Printer Friendly version of the Detail, click on the printer icon located at the top of the screen. To export the contents of the Detail, click Export to ExcelThe file, in .xls format, will automatically download to your desktop.