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The Time Summary can be used by any Employee with Permission to monitor the amount of time recorded within CurrentTrack®. Entries can be viewed by date range, Client, Job and/or Media Type, Work Code, and Employee.

To create a Time Summary, go to Admin Agency Administration Create Time Summary.

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Enter Dates from and to, then choose a Client(s) and an Employee(s) from the drop-down menu(s). Specify a Job and/or Media Type(s), if desired, and indicate which Work Code(s) you’d like displayed. Only those Work Codes used within the indicated date range will appear within the drop-down menu. A Work Code might also appear in the list multiple times if its Rate was changed at any point within the date span (e.g. Account Service from $125.00/hr. to $150.00/hr.).

Next, outline the results hierarchy you’d like to see. Would you prefer Clients be listed first and then Employees and Work Codes? Or, Work Codes and then Employees and Clients? A number of available combinations are listed in the drop-down menu. If you’d like to see dollar figures, check the box beside Include Dollar Amounts; click submit. 

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To export Time Summary results, click the Export to Excel button. The file, in .xls format, will automatically download to your desktop. To view a Printer Friendly version of the Time Summary, click on the printer icon located at the top of the page.