Modifications (8/13/12 – 11/1/12)


Add [Calendar] Event anchor modified

Contact search field added to Advanced Search [Vendor Address Book]

Time stamp added to Messages

Clients & Jobs

Ability to delete Job from Client Contact Report added

Client Interface Login(s) default line number increased to 10 [Client Spec Sheet]

Column order modified [All Open Jobs List]

Created By column added [All Open Jobs List]

Date Column width modified on [Job] Financial Report

Date field format modified when Status = Complete [Custom Task List]

Grand Total field added to Broadcast Media Detail

Media Breakdown header wording modified on [Job] Financial Report

Modified, Modified By column criteria modified [Job Folders screen]

“No expenses to display…” message added to [Job] Financial Report

Search criteria added to All Open Jobs List

Unique file naming system added to Attachments feature

Zip Code field display widened [Client Spec Sheet]

Status & Tasks

Ability to save Custom Task List for future use added

Column formatting modified, sorting function added [Custom Task List]

Error checking navigation, message modified [Custom Task List]

Media Type(s) numeric display modified [Custom Task List]

Task Keyword(s) field removed [Custom Task List]

Address Books

Search function added to Vendor Address Book


Column alignment modified [Gone Employee Task List]

Job pop-up box option added [Document Templates]

Link navigation modified [Gross Income Report]

Net, Gross Total columns added to results screen [Manage Insertion Orders]

Opened column added to Financial Report Summary

Sidebar Background Color field added [Site Branding]