Modifications (5/2/13 - 9/3/13)

Clients & Jobs

[All Open Jobs] list sorting criteria modified (i.e. Job Type, Media Type)

Billing History linking option added to Task Comments pop-up box; [Manage] Workback Schedule

Blank P.O. Markup field treated as 1.00; math modified [Job] Financial Report

Client Notifications function modified

Comments function added to line items of Print Estimate

Document Template linking option added to Task Comments pop-up box; [Manage] Workback Schedule

Duplicate Time Breakdown header removed from [job] Financial Report

Export to Excel option added to [View] Workback Schedule screen

IO# column added to initial screen of Print Media Detail

[Job Edited] Message body wording modified

Print Media Detail error message wording modified

[Production Estimate] Net Cost calculation modified

[Production Estimate] Qty. calculation modified (‘0’) when Outsourced option un-checked

[Production Estimate] Unused line items hidden on View, Printer Friendly versions


Status & Tasks

 [Pending Completed Tasks List] Job Number column added

Task Comments added to Export to Excel file [Task Lists]

 Time & Expenses

Exception added for Overdue, same day Time Sheet completion with Sleeping Job

Time Sheet Description field widened


Ability to edit other Employees’ Media Details added [Permissions]

[Add Employee] extraneous whitespace characters removed from User Name field (default) 

[Add Employee] “Notify me at the E-mail (Work) address specified above…” option added

Client, Job Title columns added to Manage Attachments results screen

Time Summary collapse function modified


Allotted Time column added to Daily, Weekly Calendar views